TAD 4AD Releases

4AD uses a complex numbering system to catalogue their releases. Each release can appear on multiple formats and the numbering system takes account of this variation. 'TAD' releases are one off issues with only one, usually limited, pressing. Below is a listing of these releases.

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Artist Record Name Cat Nos Year
Vinny Miller Pigpen TAD 2305 2003
Compilations Sharksongradio TAD 2310 CD 2003
Lisa Gerrard and Patrick Cassidy Abwoon TAD 2311 CD 2003
Magnetophone Kels Vintage Thoughts TAD 2412 2004
Rachel Goswell Coastline TAD 2501 2004
Scott Walker And Who Shall Go To The Ball? And What Shall TAD 2731CD 2007
Colourbox Music of the band (1982 - 1987) TAD 3443 2014
Efterklang Magic Chairs TAD 3X01 LP 2010
This Mortal Coil Dust And Guitars TAD 3X23 CD J 2012
Indians Somewhere Else TAD 3303 2013
The National A Lot Of Sorrow TAD 3504 2015
Compilations 1980 Forwards TAD 2525 CD 2005
Colourbox Colourbox: Music of the band (1982-1987) TADD3443 2017
Compilations Revue TAD 3601 2016
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