TAD 4AD Releases

4AD uses a complex numbering system to catalogue their releases. Each release can appear on multiple formats and the numbering system takes account of this variation. 'TAD' releases are one off issues with only one, usually limited, pressing. Below is a listing of these releases.

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Artist Record Name Cat Nos Year
Michael Brook Live at the Aquarium TAD 2011 CD 1992
Swollow Blowback TAD 2015 CD 1992
Throwing Muses The Curse TAD 2019 CD 1992
Lisa Germano Inconsiderate Bitch TAD 4003 CD 1994
Kristin Hersh The Holy Single TAD 5017 CD 1995
Throwing Muses Ruthies Knocking TAD 6017 1996
Tarnation Theres Someone TAD 7000 1996
Compilations Anakin TAD 8001 CD 1998
Kristin Hersh Like You TAD 8005 CD 1998
Cuba Urban Light TAD 8010 1998
Cuba Black Island TAD 9003 1999
Lakuna So Happy TAD 9009 1999
Lakuna Lemon Grass TAD 9018 1999
Mojave 3 In Love With a View TAD 2K03 2000
Thievery Corporation Sound File 001 TAD 2K09 2000
Thievery Corporation Shadows of Ourselves TAD 2K24 2000
Compilations FWD Motion TAD 2K23 2000
Breeders Off You TAD 2203 2001
Breeders Off You TAD 2203 CDP 2001
Compilations Dr Tigers Deathless Promise TAD 2214 CD 2001
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