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Artist Link Name Description
Thievery Corporation Thievery Corporation MySpace Official home of the band on MySpace.
Thievery Corporation Thievery Blog Blog of the 2006 tour of America done by a friend of the band.
4AD You Tube 4AD search This is a You Tube search for '4AD', does turn up 4AD related videos in the first couple of pages only.
V23 - Vaughan Oliver The Art of the Album: Vaughan Oliver Shows just how prolific Mr Oliver has been over the last 20 years or so! Well worth a look.
4AD 4AD Records - Discography Extensive listing of 4AD releases including the first ones on the Axis label. You can apparently buy tracks from this site too.
4AD The Jeweller An old blog from 2009. Contains "Lost and Found" 4AD tidbits on the web. Run by one of the forum regulars.
4AD 4AD Blog Old 4AD blog that was last updated 2006. Interesting selection of 4AD related info.
Dead Can Dance Dead Can Dance Library of the Obscure and Bootleg Very detailed fan site of all things DCD, Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry.
Dead Can Dance Dead Can Dance Within Lovely fan site, good discography.
Beirut Beirut Official home of the band.
Beirut Beirut History of the band on Wikipedia
Beirut Last FM Beirut Listen to tracks from Beirut.
Lush Light from a dead star Very comprehensive Lush fan site.
The Mountain Goats Photos from Heretic Pride Recording Session Photos of the recording session August 2007
The Mountain Goats Sunset Tree recording session photos Photos taken during the Sunset Tree recording session November 2004
The Mountain Goats Photos from We Shall Be Healed recording session Slide show of photos taken during the 'We Shall Be Healed' recording session, May 2003.
Heidi Berry Heidi Berry Official site for Heidi Berry
Breeders Wikipedia - Breeders Entry found on Wikipedia
Breeders BREEDERS DIGEST Official home for the breeders
Breeders Breeders Official site on MySpace