4AD Links

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Artist Link Name Description
Mojave 3 Mojave3 My Space site Mojave 3 My Space site
TV on the Radio TVOTR Official Site Home of TV on the Radio
Wolf and Cub Wolf and Cub Official My Space site Official My Space web site
Wolf and Cub Wolf and Cub Official web site Home of Wolf and Cub on the web.
HNIA HNIA Official My Space site HNIA my space site
Cocteau Twins Robin Guthrie My Space site One member of Cocteau Twins still producing music - Robin G my space site.
Sybarite Sybarite My Space Site Official Sybarite My Space site.
Minotaur Shock Minotaur Shock My Space site Official site on My Space
Piano Magic Piano Magic Official My Space site Home of Piano Magic on My Space
Vinny Miller Official My Space site for new band Vinney Miller, now in a new guise - Official My Space site
The Wolfgang Press Unofficial My Space site
TV on the Radio Official TVOTR My Space site
Magnetophone Magentophone Official My Space site Official my space site
Magnetophone Magnetophone Official home page for the band.
Brendan Perry Brendan Perry Official web site.
Red House Painters Red House Painters - Sad Reminders Unofficial site dedicated to Mark Kozelek of the red House Painters. Wonderful site and regularly updated with news about Marks other projects.
Scheer Scheer Fan site for the band. Visit the site home page to view info on lots of other bands. Great site.
Tarnation Paula Frazer My Space site Official Paula Frazer My Space site. Apparently she will be recording under the name Tarnation again.
The Mountain Goats The Mountain Goats Official site for The Mountain goats
Tarnation Paula Frazer Official Site Official home site for Paula Frazer