About driving@Light

The content of this site is devoted to artists who appear on the UK record label 4AD. Promotion of bands by 4AD has produced interesting items beyond just the normal records and CD's. This site is intended to collate as much of this information as possible for UK produced items as well as items from across the world. These items come in many forms from promotional CDs and records, to odd items like matches and candles! If you know of items that should be included please contact me with the details and I will update the site. Similarly if items listed are wrong or info about them is incorrect, please let me know.


This is the second version of driving@Light, which went live towards the end of 2006. The original site was created in 1998 and focused mainly on UK promotional items from 4AD in London. However, as there is no single resource for promotional items from other countries, I decided to open out the brief of the site to include USA and Canada as well as Europe and Australia.

Readers should note that this site is not related to 4AD in anyway. It is created by a long term fan of the label, its art and the great music its brought to my ears.


Thanks should be extended to the Eyesore database and to Andrew Wappat who wrote one of the earliest 4AD promo listings on the net. Some of the images found on this site originate from the Eyesore database (with full permission). I am also in debt to many 4AD fans and Ebay sellers who have supplied me with lots of information and many pictures from their own collections and sales.

I have included links to all 4AD sites from which information has been obtained (Thanks!!!) or ones I simply adore! Enjoy. Ian