4AD Stickers

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Artist Item Year Issued
Pixies Spike the dog sticker
Gus Gus Round Gus Gus sticker
Gus Gus Rectangle Gus Gus stickers
Kristin Hersh Sticker
Scheer Demon sticker
Scheer Sticker
Belly Sticker
The Wolfgang Press Sticker
Unrest Perfect Teeth sticker
The Hope Blister Sticker
Pixies Trompe Le Monde Sticker 1991
Lush Large round sticker 1996
Pixies sticker 1997
Tarnation Sticker 1997
Pixies Death to the Pixies sticker 1997
Paladins Stickers 1997
Thievery Corporation HiFi arm sticker 1998
Gus Gus VIP sticker 1999
Mojave 3 Puzzels Like You large sticker 2006
Mojave 3 Small Puzzels like you sticker 2006