Welcome to driving@Light


After months of work driving@Light is back, bigger and better than ever before. The site is now updated with lots of new information and images of 4AD promotional items from both the UK and around the world. You can now gain listings of promo items for individual bands and artists, see all items at once, sort by year and lots more!

Driving@Light is always interested in hearing about new 4AD promos, so if something isn't listed or the information is wrong please let me know. If you have an image available even better!


Latest update:

  • There are now over 380 videos listed and the vast majority are available to play here on the site.
  • More images of promo records and cds have been uploaded with lots more to be added soon.
  • Links to band sites on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr etc. have been added.

Updated 1/12/2018